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Surebets Alert Service

Top surebets, i.e. those with the greatest profit, disappear very quickly. Therefore, in order to use them you have to be notified about them immediately.

On this page you can set-up e-mail alert about surebets. Thanks to them as soon as we find a surebet, you will receive the information about it.

How does it work?

  1. Define your criteria for surebets alert:
    • Profit range, for example from 2% to 5%.
    • Overall stake - it will be used to calculate the stakes for your surebets.
    • Time range for receiving alerts - hours when you want to receive the alerts.
    • Match time range - time left to the start of a match.
    • Omitted bookmakers - bookmakers for which you don't want to get any alerts.
    • Required bookmakers - bookmakers which must appear in every surebet.
    • Surebets types - you can choose types of surebets you want to get, e.g. only 2way surebets.
    • Excluded leagues - you can choose for which leagues you want to receive the alerts.
  2. After finding a new surebet we will check whether it meets the criteria you've selected.
  3. If so, you get an immediate email alert about new surebet. You'll receive the stakes for each outcome in the surebet and a direct link to the odds on bookmaker's website.

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