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Home Page Tennis Challenger Shenzhen Rigele Te - Gianluigi Quinzi

Rigele Te - Gianluigi Quinzi (Challenger Shenzhen)

The match started at 02:30 on 11 March 2018.

Odds comparison

Below you will find a comparison of historical betting odds for the match between Rigele Te and Gianluigi Quinzi.

The comparison includes the following odds:

2018-03-11 02:30 Rigele Te - Gianluigi Quinzi Final result odds
Bookmaker margin - predictable overall bookmaker profit from sport event regardless final result.

Usually lower margins cause higher odds in a bookmaker offer. It's a good idea to bet where the margins are the lowest.
6.77Odds going down 6.77 Previous odds: 7.73 1.11Odds going up 1.11 Previous odds: 1.09 4.86% Odds graph
6.80Odds going up 6.80 Previous odds: 5.20 1.09Odds going down 1.09 Previous odds: 1.14 6.45% Odds graph
6.00Odds going up 6.00 Previous odds: 5.00 1.08Odds going down 1.08 Previous odds: 1.12 9.26% Odds graph
5.80Odds going up 5.80 Previous odds: 5.25 1.10Odds going down 1.10 Previous odds: 1.12 8.15% Odds graph
7.00Odds going down 7.00 Previous odds: 7.25 1.05Odds going down 1.05 Previous odds: 1.07 9.52% Odds graph
Best odds 7.00 1.11 4.38%
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